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BerkelBike Fitness

Cycling with arms & legs in your own comfort


The BerkelBike Fitness was designed for the use at home. Like other BerkelBike models, it offers you the possibility to train legs and arms simultaneously. The mechanism is made in such a way that the arms and  legs are connected as one, which enables you to support your legs with your arms, as well as the other way around.

This stationary trainer can also be used in combination with Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). When equipped with the FES-System,  paralyzed legs can also be involved in the training. In that way, the BerkelBike Fitness offers you a full body workout, even when you suffer from the consequences of a spinal cord injury.

You can use the BerkelBike Fitness sitting on a normal chair or in your own wheelchair. The pedals can be equipped with an optional calf support if your legs need extra stabilization. There are eight different levels of resistance, and you can track time, distance, and calories burned to monitor your training with the integrated display. It’s the most straightforward BerkelBike, and the most affordable option to cycle with FES.


Easy to use

Using the BerkelBike Fitness is very easy. Just place a stable chair or your own wheelchair in front of the device. Put your feet on the pedals, and secure them with the adjustable cuffs if necessary. Grab the handles of the crank, and start the training. The display will light up automatically as soon as you move crank or pedals.

Both BerkelBike and EasyLegs are available in two versions: the Pro and the Connect. The Pro is similar to a recumbent tricycle, whereas the Connect is a one-wheeled device that has to be connected to your wheelchair to become a full tricycle.

The Pro

The Pro was designed for riding long distances at a higher pace. It is very light, has a low rolling resistance, and a wide wheelbase with 9 degrees camber for extra stability. The seating height can be adjusted to the needs of the driver; high for good overview or low for enhanced stability. Especially when the seating height is low, it is possible to drive through corners at higher speeds without the danger of flipping over.

The seating position can be adjusted quickly without the use of any tools. Even people with limited hip mobility and who are overweight can be seated comfortably by changing the seating to a more backward-leaning position.

It is also possible to adjust the position of the rear axle, depending on your personal preference. Moving the rear axle backward increases the pressure on the front wheel, which is then less likely to slip, enabling you to climb steep hills. Shifting the rear axle closer to the front decreases the turning radius of the bike, and makes you more agile in the city.

The Pro can easily be taken apart without tools to fit in the car.

Photo: BerkelBike PRO (Left) and BerkelBike Connect (Right).

The Connect

The Connect was designed to be used  in combination with your wheelchair. Its biggest advantage is that there is no need to transfer from the wheelchair to the bike. That makes the Connect especially suitable for social and day-to-day activities such as shopping, visiting friends, or going for a ride in the park.

The Connect is smaller than the Pro, and even easier to transport by car or to store at home. If you already possess a regular hand bike that can be connected to your wheelchair, it is usually possible to use the same connection method with the Connect.

Transforming your bike

You don’t need to buy a new bike when you want to have a Pro instead of your Connect, or the other way around. In case you bought the Connect, you only need to buy the back part of the Pro. In case you bought the Pro, you just need to buy the connection part to connect the front part of the Pro to your wheelchair. In case you want both, you can buy a Connect, together with the back part of the Pro. It is then possible to convert your Connect into a Pro without using any tools.

Even if you want to have a EasyLegs instead of your BerkelBike  it is possible to transform your product into the other model. With all these options in mind, it is nearly impossible to make the wrong choice. But anyway, fill out our “Ask the Expert” -form to receive personal advice on which version best fits your needs.


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110 cm

53 cm

130 cm

MaterialSteel and Plastic

45 kilograms – 99 pounds


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