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According to the Cookie Law, websites must state whether functional and/or analytical cookies are used. You will receive this notification on our website once per browser. When you visit our site, you accept that we place these cookies.

You cannot disable these cookies. However, you can manually delete these cookies via ‘delete the BerkelBike cookies’ on the left side of this webpage.

Functional cookies: this enables us to improve the functioning of the website and makes it more user-friendly for the visitor. For example, we store your login details or what you put in your shopping cart.

Analytical cookies: these ensure that an anonymous cookie is generated every time you visit a website. These cookies know if you have visited the site before or not. Only on the first visit, a cookie is created, on subsequent visits, use is made of the already existing cookie. This cookie is only used for statistical purposes. Want to know more? View our cookie statement.

Social media related cookies: allows social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn to record which articles and pages you share via their social media sharing buttons. They may also contain tracking cookies that track your browsing behavior on the web.

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