Optimal cardiovascular training with the BerkelBike

Cycling can be an intensive training in itself – but the BerkelBike switches to a higher gear. It has been proven that cycling with all four limbs is a very effective fitness training. Cycling with the BerkelBike is easy, but it is challenging you at the same time to go one step further, even if you are already in excellent shape.

Your whole body is being trained at the same time, which means quick progress. To help you on your journey, BerkelBike will send you a personalized training schedule to make sure you get the best start to your training.

Cycling with arms and legs

With the BerkelBike you can get all the potential from your body by leaving no limbs unused during your training. Combining both arm and leg movements allows you to cycle longer distances and achieve higher speeds.

The fact that the bike is driven by all four limbs is especially important in cases where not all limbs are getting enough movement or where their strength is unequal. With the BerkelBike you can use the handles to help moving your legs or even let them rest when needed.

Set your legs in motion, despite a condition

Keeping your legs moving if you are paralyzed or living with other physical constraints is a challenge. But no matter how difficult it is to get those legs moving – with the BerkelBike, almost everyone manages!

Moving your legs is important for different reasons. First and foremost, it is good to maintain blood circulation, which is important because it helps to heal wounds, keep muscles in shape and maintain body temperature. Secondly, moving the legs is a good way to prevent complications such as pressure ulcers.

Using all limbs

The use of all limbs has great benefits while cycling. You get a full body training by moving your arms and legs. You train your muscles and you can utilise all limbs to reach maximum strength, even if you cannot cycle with your legs.

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