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Electrical Pedaling Assistance


Do you struggle to start pedaling in the bike? The electric pedal support helps you reach your destination while your legs perform a natural pedaling movement.


The electric pedaling support will begin to support your pedaling as soon as you move the BerkelBike handles. In the case of the EasyLegs, the electrical support will start as soon as you turn the throttle on the handle bars.

The BerkelBike pedaling support has a self-drive feature. This can be used to cycle at low speed without using your arms and is often used to get started or to climb a slope. The combination of the first gear with the top-level pedaling support allow you to climb hills without any problem.

Review by Mieke van de Louw – Hemiplegia

“I’m Mieke van de Louw. At the age of 70, I had a stroke. Three years ago – in the beautiful month of May – happened what nobody was waiting for. A stroke with left-sided paralysis, which suddenly prevented me from walking. During my rehabilitation, it became clear that I would not recover again. Then I had to make a choice: a scooter or a tricycle.

My husband encouraged me to choose a tricycle; the EasyLegs. It allows be to be very independent in life. I can do the shopping myself and go to my therapy. I feel wonderfully free and independent when I’m cycling. I wouldn’t want to miss it for anything.”

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The engine for the pedaling support is installed on the frame. If you are not sure if you need additional support, The pedaling support can always be mounted later. Both versions (Pro and Connect) of the BerkelBike and EasyLegs can be equipped with the electric pedaling support. Because the engine is not placed in the wheel, it does not rotate when the support is disconnected and so the support does not cause additional resistance


The engine does not require maintenance and is powered by a lightweight battery that lasts a long time. The battery can easily be disconnected for transport or to recharge indoors.

It can also be easily replaced by a spare battery while away on the road. We also have a larger battery for people who want an even longer use time.

How does it work?

The pedal assist drives the pedals and not the wheel, which allows for more natural leg movement than a motor driving the wheel directly. The system guarantees 360-degree support of the pedaling motion without any “dead spots” in the movement. If you are not able to make a full turn of the pedals on your own, the pedal assist will support your leg movement at the critical position. Moreover, because the pedal assist doesn’t drive the wheels directly, you can still use all 8 (or 11) gears of the bike.

The electric pedal assistance lets you decide how much of your own strength you want to use while driving. There are six support levels from which you can choose. When you put the pedal assist on one of the higher support levels, your legs will move all alone, and you won’t need your own strength to move the bike. When you put the pedal assist on one of the lower support levels, your legs will only be moved very slowly, and you have to contribute to the movement by using your own power.

Thus, you can decide whether you want to use the pedal assist only for a little extra support and do most of the work yourself. Or whether you want the bike to move like a mobility scooter without using your power. The interplay between the chosen support level, the chosen gear, and your own power output will determine your speed.

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