Sabine Hoecker

Stay fit and healthy by cycling on the BerkelBike

“My name is Sabine, I am 49 years old, and was diagnosed with MS in 1985. I have been in a wheelchair for a few years and so my leg muscles have greatly reduced. I made the decision to do something about it and really liked the idea of biking. That was easier said than done, as I very quickly realized.”

My first experience with the BerkelBike

“First, I purchased a trike. The first problem was to get on the bike, and the second was to turn around the feet. Then I tried a Pedalofit, which is mounted to the wheelchair. Unfortunately, this did not work either. Although getting on the bike wasn’t a problem anymore, I still struggled to turn around my feet.

Finally, someone recommended the BerkelBike to me. With its unique design, my arms can step in when my legs cannot make the movement. Because of my previous experiences, I was initially skeptical. However, I did a test ride and see – it really works. I was so pleased that I ordered the BerkelBike as soon as possible. Now I can finally bike comfortably both outdoors and indoors.”

Sabine Hoecker

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