Hanny lives for more than 20 years with MS

Hanny has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years. Despite her condition, she biked along 5 different rivers in the Dordogne with her BerkelBike in the last week of September. Het BerkelBike is a hybrid between a trike and a recumbent bike.

Cycling during our holiday in France

The seven-day tour in the Dordogne was booked several weeks in advance. With her new bike, they were able to make three trips along the five rivers.

“ I was familiar with the landscape from previous cycling tours and knew it was a challenge. I had only been using the BerkelBike as a recumbent for two weeks and had to follow a strict training plan. The plan pointed out that I was allowed to cycle 3 x 20 minutes in the third week. However, combined with the fourth week, it would add up to 5 x 20 minutes.

This meant that I had to adjust my training schedule to prepare appropriately. Knowing the limitations of my muscles and joints, I realized quickly that it is much better to gradually build up my training.”

Cycling, cycling and more cycling

“And so the trip turned into five days of cycling for 20 minutes along the Dordogne, Célé, Lot, Masses, and Céou. Because I was biking so comfortably and in beautiful surroundings, I sometimes ended up cycling a little longer than 20 minutes. It was easy to lose track of time!”

Not just for long distances

“Besides cycling, there was plenty of time for sightseeing. We visited: the Martel, the city with the 7 towers built by Karel Martel when he managed to stop the Saracens at Poitiers; Figeac, the birthplace of Jean-François Champollion who deciphered the stone of Rosetta and subsequently the hieroglyphs; and Cazals near to Les Arques, where Ossip Zadkine lived and worked and where his artworks can be admired in a museum and in a 12th century church.

The BerkelBike also serves as my little trike to use in the towns and museums. The bike’s design is ideal for transport; it easily fit with our luggage and two lawn chairs in the trunk of the car. My husband did the loading and unloading job, and his own bike was put on the bike carrier at the back of the car. All in all, we had an amazing week.”


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