Versatile in use

Use the versatility of the BerkelBike to your advantage!

The BerkelBike Pro allows you to sit in the position you like, making it perfect for the kind of activity you’d like to do. You can use it as sport equipment and cycle just about anywhere, using the combined peddling of the arms and legs to increase your speed. Or perhaps you prefer it to become mobile again, ride through your neighborhood, and be able to chat with friends and family at a comfortable height. You can also just use it for fun!


The BerkelBike was originally designed for people with a spinal cord injury, but after the initial test results, a lot of people with different disabilities began to show interest. Now 10 years later, we’ve helped people cycle with more than 15 different disabilities, not counting all the variants that come at play. If you don’t think you can ever cycle again, think again! We made people cycle who need a head joystick to control their electrical wheelchair! We would love to help you start cycling. The best way for us to do that is if you contact us.