The best quality components

We designed the BerkelBike with premium high quality components. This way, we can ensure that it will last for years and offers the best possible cycling experience.


For our users, it’s important to know they can rely on their BerkelBike to take them everywhere. Having a flat tire can be very tough, and that’s why we want to prevent it at all costs. That’s why we chose Schwalbe’s Big Apple tires. These tires provide great performance on grip, rolling, and durability, while offering the best performance in protection.



The selection for gears was quickly made. We chose Shimano Alfine 8 or 11-speed (depending on your preference) gears. Alfine is the premium model of the Shimano internal gear hubs.    These gears are great, due to their solid construction and low maintenance.


Safety first! Is a phrase commonly used. With all those high quality components enabling you to quickly pick up speed, a great braking system is even more important. That’s why we chose the Diskbreak Winzip Max P-1614, as it’s suitable for any use case scenario, and it’s designed for easy maintenance.