Proven Rehabilitation

The BerkelBike Pro is ideal for rehabilitation. The special tricycle allows you to become healthy and build on your body functions that you might not be able to control. After all, the reason for the creation of the BerkelBike was to improve the life of paraplegics.

Anyone can cycle

With the BerkelBike, you can cycle even with no leg function. This isn’t accomplished by simply ignoring your legs, like handcycles do. The BerkelBike Pro allows you to train your legs by passive movement or if you’re able to help actively with your legs,  and build on the power that is still there. If necessary, your arms or the electric pedal assist will  do most of the workheavy lifting. You can split the force that is required to cycle between all limbs, and for those who have no function left in their legs, we have functional electrical stimulation.

Improve your health

The body parts that are affected by your disability need to get exercise as soon as possible. It’s a lot easier to build on what you have now, than to wait until the muscles start decreasing in size and strength. You can build on whatever is left right now. Training these affected body parts such as your legs improves blood flow, strengthens muscle tissue, and results in much better coordination.

In and outdoor

Sometimes, people are still recovering from an accident, and want to start regaining strength slowly and in a comfortable environment. To provide a full body workout at home, we have an indoor docking station. That way, you can get all the benefits from the BerkelBike, while in the comfort of your own home. This way you can start building up until you are ready to go outside, if you’d like.