Take the BerkelBike everywhere with you!

The BerkelBike is very light, making it easy to carry with you or in the car. On top of that, all components can be quickly and easily taken apart. In no time, you can cycle at a different location. The whole body is trained when cycling using both arms and legs. The user develops more muscle mass and gets the maximum of power and speed from the bike and yourself.

The BerkelBike is adaptable for any situation

The BerkelBike is equipped with a large number of quick release connections that allow the detachment of wheels and pedals in less than 10 seconds, without using a single tool. These make it easy to adjust the bike and, more importantly, to render the bike compact for transportation. There is no need for a special car to transport the BerkelBike- it fits into any car!

Dismantling the BerkelBike

Once the largest parts of the bike are detached with the touch of a button, the frame can be disassembled.  Move a lever, press two buttons – and the BerkelBike frame can be pulled apart. The BerkelBike is now even more compact for transport or storage.

The BerkelBike is a lightweight handbike

Once the BerkelBike is disassembled, the individual parts can easily be lifted into the car. The BerkelBike is made of Lightweight Race cycle Aluminum 7005 T6, which is a very strong and durable, yet surprisingly light material. Thanks to this material, it is super easy to load the BerkelBike into the car and cycle efficiently.

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