Adjust the BerkelBike to your wishes

On the BerkelBike you can sit in the position that is the most comfortable for you, depending on the activity you are planning to do. You can use it as sports equipment to reach everywhere at optimal speed by applying strength with both arms and legs. You can also use it to be able to move yourself once more independently, to enjoy a ride around your neighbourhood and talk to friends at a comfortable height. Or you just use it for fun!


The BerkelBike was originally developed for people with a transverse lesion, but after the first test results, people with a variety of limitations became interested. Now, 10 years later, we have been able to help people with more than 15 different limitations to cycle again, without counting the many different variations of one limitation. Do not think you will never be able to ride a bike again? We will prove the contrary! We have already helped people who control their wheelchair with a head joystick! We’re happy to help you; all you need to do is contact us.

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