Hooray! Dutch pilot Sander Koomen takes gold (1st place) at the Cybathlon 2020 in the discipline FES cycling. Sander used a BerkelBike and FES stimulator, designed by CEO Rik Berkelmans. The past few months Sander has been training hard with Pulse Racing, the dream team of the VU University in Amsterdam. The English driver Johnny Beer Timms of ImperialBerkel took silver (2nd place). He also rode a BerkelBike and our FES stimulator.

Mark Muhn of Team Cleveland from America became third and used implemented electrodes. The fourth place in the final takes Switzerland with Julien Jouffroy of BFH-Cybatrike. South Korea, Brazil, France, Italy and Thailand did not make it to the finals and dropped out in the preliminaries. We congratulate all winners with their wonderful results. On to a new competition at the Cybathlon 2024.

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