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Cycling With Arm And Leg Exercise

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For valid users, the Varibike offers you both an arm-and-leg propulsion two-wheeler. You can use your whole body to reach top speeds. Research has shown that the maximum power output can be increased by over 30% using combined arm-and-leg cranking compared with normal cycling at the same heart rate. Cycling with the Varibike is a full body workout. Aside from your legs, you have to use your arms, chest, back, and core to ride this innovative bicycle.


Full body movement

Depending on whether you want to cruise, reach top speeds, or be as aerodynamic as possible, there are different ways to position your hands on the Varibike:

You can grab the crank with both arms and rotate it in the alternating style; one arm pushes the crank away from you while the other arm pulls the crank towards your own body. You can also use the synchronized style of cranking; both arms push and pull at the same time. While both of your arms are positioned on the crank, you can steer the bike by leaning into the curve, and keep cranking at the same time.

You can also ride the Varibike like a conventional bicycle, with both hands positioned on the handlebars (and not on the crank). You will then be able to steer the Varibike by moving the handlebars like with a normal bike.

Last but not least, you can grab the handlebars with one hand and grab the crank with the other. This hand position enables you to crank with one arm, and your other arm can rest for a while.

The Varibike is not available at our retailers, but you can buy one directly at BerkelBike, available for roughly $4700 excluding tax and shipping.

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