Comfortable cycling

The most comfortable cycling experience!

One of the biggest design challenges that kept us busy for a lot of years was to keep the comfort level high, while making the BerkelBike a lot more versatile. With our current model, we were able to achieve the most versatile cycling comfort yet. Our special made stretch seating, Schwalbe Big Apple Tires and reversible rear axle allow users to ride with comfort they never felt before.

Personal Comfort

The BerkelBike Pro has  stretch seating made from special fabric that stretches in all four directions, instead of two, which is what more traditional fabrics do. The fabric perfectly supports your body no matter what your BerkelBike configuration is. On top of that, all of the BerkelBike tires have Schwalbe Big Apple tires. These tires provide maximum riding comfort, by not giving in to bumps. The tires have a special kevlar layer, so you have less risk of getting a flat tire.


Changing the rear axle

You can also divide your weight and seating position differently by a reversible rear axle.  This can be changed in just a few minutes, and can be key to achieving the best performance for your goal. The regular setting has the user sitting at a comfortable height to communicate with others, thus enabling you to have more overview in traffic. The reverse setting allows the user to be positioned lower to the ground which makes the experience super stable. You cycle with less resistance and can easily take turns with high speed.

The best pillow

Some disabilities can lead to complication with the seating surface of the human body. Specifically for those people, we have an optional seating cushion. This cushion is made from memory foam, enabling the most comfortable tricycle ride you can imagine. The memory foam also retains its shape, so you don’t bounce up at the first bumpy road.