Combining Arm & Leg Power for the ultimate training

Using all limbs has great benefits when cycling. You get a full body workout, both arms and legs move, you get more muscles, and you can use all your limbs to achieve the maximum amount of power you possibly can, even if your legs alone are not able to cycle.

 Funda Mujde on her 3.000km trip from Amsterdam to Istanbul

Combi power

With the BerkelBike, you can actually use your full body potential, by leaving no limb behind in your exercise. Combining both arm and leg propelling, users can cycle for longer distances and achieve faster speeds. The fact that the cycle is driven by all four limbs is great for when not all limbs get plenty of exercise or are equally strong. The BerkelBike lets you use the armcranks to help your legs rotate along, while letting the legs rest whenever needed.

Cardio training

Cycling can be a quite intense workout, but the BerkelBike takes it up a notch. Cycling with four limbs has proven to be much more effective at training your stamina. Cycling with the BerkelBike is easy to get into, yet challenges you even if you are in great physical shape. It challenges your entire body to be used all together at once, leaving you with room for progression for years to come.     To help you along the way, BerkelBike sends you your personalized schedule, to ensure that you start your training the right way.

Moving your legs

Moving your legs can become increasingly difficult when you are paralyzed or you live with other physical disabilities. No matter how difficult it may be to start moving them, with the BerkelBike, almost anyone can move their legs again. Moving legs is very important for a number of reasons. First, it’s important to keep your blood flowing. This is important, as it heals your wounds, keeps muscles in shape, and maintains body warmth. Secondly movement in the legs is great for preventing complications, such as bedsores.