Cycle actively with the muscles in your own legs and arms

The BerkelBike can be powered by either arms or legs and even both at the same time. Even if you are paralyzed. This means that the rider will be getting a much greater workout than only using one set of limbs. This is the only outdoor cycling system capable of this.

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Activates and stimulates impaired or paralyzed legs

BerkelBike makes it possible for impaired individuals to ride a bicycle again using power from their own muscles. The electrical stimulation will utilize paralyzed leg muscles so the whole body is involved with the cycling, so no engines are required anymore.

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Become fit again, despite a physical limitation

It can be difficult for wheelchair users to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Often people with spinal cord injuries or neurological disorders cannot move certain limbs or muscle groups. The BerkelBike can train these muscles again and help to keep the riders fit through cycling.

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Our mission

It is our mission to help anyone with a disability stay fit and healthy. We want to use technical innovation to enable individuals with physical impairments to regain their health, fitness and independence. We will ensure that the BerkelBike is always a great solution for individuals who have difficulty moving parts of their bodies. Using great product design and the latest in FES research we will train the whole of an individual in order to keep them in the best shape and condition possible.

Our vision

Research shows that being wheelchair bound causes a rapid decline in overall health and shortens life expectancy. This is due to important muscles groups in the body being inactive, which causes the body to become weak. It can be very difficult for people in this situation to regain their health and fitness, in a lot of cases it isn’t even possible to train in their own homes. BerkelBike BV would like to change this.

About BerkelBike

BerkelBike enables people who are physically impaired to lead a healthier and more active life. The electrical stimulation technology from BerkelBike makes it possible for spinal cord injury patients to use their paralyzed muscles whilst cycling. They are not the only ones who can benefit. People with MS, brain injuries and amputees have been helped by the BerkelBike. Read More

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What does our clients say?

It's allowing me to get out and in the fresh air with my family.- James West, UK - Multiple Sclerosis
The Berkelbike feels like instantly getting a 'new life'.- Funda Müjde, NL - Spinal cord injured with some voluntary leg power
My condition has improved and I can now walk better.- Reni de Boer, NL - Multiple Sclerosis
I have lost weight, I am getting fitter, my spasm is less.- Paul Cooksey, UK - Spinal cord injured that are suitable for FES
The mental benefits I derive from the BerkelBike are great!- David Martin, UK - Spinal cord injured that are suitable for FES
I've noticed a strong growth in my shape and speed.- Richard Wilson, UK - Spinal cord injured that are suitable for FES

Meet the BerkelBike team

Rik Berkelmans

CEO / Inventor of the BerkelBike

Rik studied Sport Science (exercise physiology) at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and Chemistry (toxicology) at the Radboud University Nijmegen. He resigned his PHD at the university to research FES and to develop an exercise possibility for spinal cord injured and founded BerkelBike BV.

Bjorn Jurcka

Operational Manager

Bjorn studied Industrial Engineering & Management: specialization Logistics at the University of Twente. He also has 6 years experience in transporting people, mainly with a disability. After graduation he did community service during traveling in the USA, Europe, Japan and Thailand.

Calvin Visee

Online Marketeer

Calvin studied Communication: specialization Digital Media at Rotterdam University. He specialized in online marketing, digital media and content production. Besides his study he has his own company, where he helps companies to create brand experiences for customers.

Dianne Berkelmans

Customer Support

Dianne Berkelmans is the sister of Rik. She has finished an automation study and an international logistic study. At BerkelBike she is responsible for logistics, automation, tradeshows and the newsletter of BerkelBike. She is working for BerkelBike, since the start of the company.