BerkelBike, a hybrid between a recumbent tricycle and handcycle!

The BerkelBike is a tricycle with the propulsion coming from both arm and leg power. The arm part operates in drive as well as in steering exactly the same as a handcycle. By handbiking with your arms, your legs automatically make the same movement as on a bicycle. Every effort you can add with your legs is favorable. In this way you train your legs and maximise your health. Due to our innovative devices your feet do not slip off the pedals. For people with a spinal cord injury, the stimulation of crippled muscles provided by the BerkelBike can restore some use- even after 30 years of paralysis! You will understand why so many people are enthusiastic about the BerkelBike and why so many prizes have been won. The best thing is to try out the BerkelBike yourself. This way you will see that we have combined the best things of the handcycle, recumbent bike and tricycle and added some more.

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